Day 9- News on the diagnosis, going home soon!

My doctor has decided that they want a closer look at my pathology report. They thought it would be best to send my results to Princess Margret for further investigation because of the rarity of the situation. This also means that it will be another week until we get anymore results. My mom and dad were pretty distressed that we didn’t have any answers set in stone yet, and without answers i cant start treatment.

My nurse came into my room to clean my trach and said “May do you want to try this time?” (May is my mom). I looked at my mom with wide eyes, adn then back at my nurse and said “mom doesn’t know how to do it!” My nurse began to explain that i would be going home in a few days and my mom would have to learn how to take care of me. I am pretty independent for someone my age, i like to do things myself but i guess i was going to have to let my mom take care of this one. The first time she touched it i think i screamed, not because it hurt, but because i thought it might. By the end of the day she was really getting the hang of it and i was starting to get excited about coming home.

I also finally got to change out of my hospital gown! Our family friend Nancy and her two daughters Tasha and Lexi had brought me some really comfortable PJ’s so i couldn’t wait to take off the gown.  Nancy and her daughters are more like family to us though. My sisters and i used to board our Pony Oreo at their barn and ever since then we have grown so much closer. Nancy is truly an amazing woman, she was always like our mom away from home. I cant wait until i’m better and we can all go on a trail ride together just like old times.

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  1. <3 ….. Stay strong with the love around you and together we will beat this thing! I am extraordinarily proud of you….look forward to new goals and accomplishments….and for goodness SAKE….let's get you back in the saddle m'dear!!!

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