Day 8- Roomate?

My sister and i were enjoying the company of our two best friends from summer camp, when we noticed an unsettled lady being rolled into my room by stretcher. The emergency room was overflowing that night and i had 2 extra spots in my room. Since i was only 17, i technically should have been in a single room in paediatrics, but the nurses on the 4th floor had more experience with trach’s so they put me on the 4th floor. My sister, my friends and I wanted as they moved the screaming middle aged woman into my room. my nurse stood outside the room speechless, she knew this wasn’t appropriate. I soon found out this lady did not want to be at the hospital. Nurses were holding her down as they tried to get her settled into a bed, and every moment the nurse turned her head, the patient would try to escape. 
I was sitting in my bed pretty scared, i wasn’t so sure what to do. All of this commotion was happening a few feet away from me.

Although i was scared i also felt bad for this woman, i didn’t know why she was here, i didn’t know her story. But from what i could see, she did’t want any help. 

The head nurse on my floor got wind of this news and immediately came in to make some changes, and my mom and sister were already on the job. My room was suppose to be closed off because i am still a paediatric patient, but clearly the head of room assignments was not aware of that. The woman started acting up, even more so then when she was brought into the room. My sister closed the curtain around my bed and came and sat beside me. Luckily the woman was only here for another hour or until she was moved into a room of her own. My sister sat beside me and noticed i wasn’t smiling, was feeling extremely overwhelmed. 

This is the first night I broke down. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and everything i have found out over the last few days was really starting to pile up, i just needed something to set me off. I guess it made sense for me to finally just cry it out, i had a lot on my plate. I lay in my bed while my sister sat in a chair beside me. I asked her when i was going to be better, but she had no answer for me. no one really knew when all of this was going to be over, it’s one of those things you can’t exactly put a timeline on. All we can do right now is stay positive, and hope for the best! 



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