Day 3

Hey everyone sorry i havent been blogging much, here is a link to the instagram account ive been posting a lot of my updates on!

Late Sunday night my arm really started hurting me, untill it got so out of control that my parents called an ambulance. Once the paramedics got to my house they came into the family room where i was laying down. Just my luck…. another student in training giving it a shot. i was so desperate for some medication i just wanted them to get the IV in. The student was having so much trouble preparing the medication, we were half way downtown before the IV was in. I know he was trying his best and just trying to do his job but at that point i was in so much pain i couldnt take it anymore. After a long ambulance ride to the hospital, we get inside and would you look at that… no rooms or beds available. So the paramedics for some reason left me in the stretcher right infront of the automatic sliding doors. So its safe to say i was freezing after a couple minutes. After about an hour we were finally put in the room and i got ot ask for pain medication, and do you know what they brought me? Advil. For someone who reguarly has to take narcotics, advil is just a joke. The next day i was transferred onto an in-patient ward. For some reason we couldnt get my pain under control. I was up every hour asking for more pain medication. I couldnt understand why they couldnt give me any more medication  so i just had to toughen up and start dealing with the pain.The doctor came by to see me and saw how much pain i was in so he started to organize a team to get my surgery done soon. After ALOT of back and forth and ALOT of confusion, my surgery has been booked for tomorrow morning. I am so happy that something is finally being done about my arm. It has been such a frustrating week with a million different doctors, nurses, and pain medication protocols. But its FINALLY over, and everything is set up for tomorrow.

The surgeon we got for my surgery happens to be the same doctor that operated on my auntie Caroline!(not blood related, but shes my moms best friend) She had a very large tumor in her leg and he did an amazing job in fixing her all up! im confident he will get my arm all fixed and i can hopefully get back to living my life as “normal” as possible.

Thats all for now i will post an update (or someone will) after my surgery tomorrow!



  1. Hi Carley, I hope the surgery goes well and you get some relief so you can focus on your recovery. You are, by far, the toughest person I know. Love Aslan

  2. Thinking of you today and always. Hope the surgery goes well and praying for a speedy recovery. You can do it!

  3. I don’t know you but have been following your blogs from the beginning. You are such a strong person and have been through so much in such a short time with such strength and courage. I pray that your surgery goes very well and will be thinking if you

  4. We’ll be cheering for you for a quick, successful surgery, and an even easier recovery! You can do it!
    Sending you lots of hugs and all the positive energy in the world – with love Sue & family

  5. that’s quiet an ordeal you went through on Sunday ,sometimes just everything goes wrong. I wish you to find relief from the pain and that the surgery is successful. We are all rooting for you and send you our love and strength to get through this. Thank you for the link to Instagram. We are not subscribers so I enjoyed seeing all your pics. You are one of the most photogenic people I have ever seen, no matter how much trouble you have , you always look beautiful.
    You are always in our thoughts .

  6. Sending all the best positive vibes for tomorrow Carley. With the help of your “Aunt’s” Doctor, you will both kick butt! xo

  7. Dear Carley, I read an article in Iranian paper that a British pharmaceutical company with association of Harvard have come up with new ways of treating many cases. Simply they cut off the gene causing the problem and replacing it with a perfect gene. On your behalf, I tried to get more info. But so far I have no success. Also, today, I read that in Geneva, they are coming with hopefully a cure.
    We love you and you are in our hearts and minds. We will keep praying for you, but your strength is beyond prayers. KEEP YOUR DIET (NOTHING FROM ANIMALS)

  8. Good luck Carley! Lots of prayers and positive energy for you tomorrow! Praying for your surgical team too.

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