Day 2 – ICU

I woke up today a little less comfortable then the night before but I was quickly distracted from that. I have 74 messages on my phone, clearly the word got out. I read through the messages and started to realize just how lucky I am. I have amazing family and friends, actually they are better than amazing they are incredible. I don’t know if I spent more than 10 minutes with less than one person in my room today. The love I am getting from my friends and family is just the most amazing feeling, and I know it will keep me strong. There is no way this group of people is going to let me give up.

Every day from now I start to get better, the trach was still sore and I was still unable to talk but I had started on my way to recovery. My parents always said to me, “if you’re going to start a task, you better complete it and you better give it 100%,” so I knew that’s what I had to do. When I signed the paper for my first CT scan, I made a promise that I was starting a task and I was going to give it 100%.