Day 11- Going home!

I woke out to the sound of tape pealing off the wall, and to say the least i was pretty confused. Most nights before bed i would have to take my medication in order to get a good nights sleep. So i would wake up pretty drowsy, which would explain why i was pretty discombobulated. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my mom and dad breaking a sweat. Knowing my parents i assumed they were working out and doing laps around the hospital or something… i was feeling pretty embarrassed. i quickly realized that wasn’t what was going on. They had taken so many trips up and down the stairs carrying toys and cards to the car that they were breaking a sweat. When the noticed that i was awake, they said “your going home!” A feeling of relief rushed over my body as i sank into my bed and said “thank god that was the last night i had to sleep in this bed.”

I got up washed my face and changed into some new clothes my mom had brought for me. It was still a little difficult to get anything over my head, since the tracheotomy was still very sensitive but i’m sure it will get easier as time goes on.

When i was leaving my room the excitement to leave started to fade, It was like i had a little family here that i was leaving. The care that I got at the hospital was amazing, and it was pretty nerve racking to know that they wont be around 24/7. But i have this under control, well at least I think i do.

When i walked through my front door the first thing i saw were my skates sitting outside my skating bag, i was immediately in tears again. I feel like certain things set me off, and seeing my skates was definitely one of them. I quickly pulled myself together, i didn’t want my parents or my sisters to see my crying. I collected all my things one at a time and brought them up to my room, and I thought the wall of cards in the hospital was crazy, it was nothing in comparison to the volume of love in my room.


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  1. Hi Carley – I’m not surprised to see your room full of all those cards, signs and stuffed animals – every little thing there is a symbol to keep reminding you that you have a giant team of friends and family who are there for you, for whatever you need. Some days it might be a shoulder to cry on, some days maybe someone to sit and laugh with. Keep accepting and surrounding yourself with all that love – its a good thing!
    With much love,

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