Day 1 continuation- My amazing sister Riley

My sister Riley has been my biggest support my entire life and no doubt my biggest support since ive been sick, she is defiantly special. Me and my sister have a really special relationship, I’d say better than most sisters, and it has really showed in the past few days. Since I couldn’t speak, sometimes I would mouth out words, my mom would sit there with a confused look on her face, but my sister always knew what I was trying to say. Riley said that for the first day most of my vocabulary consisted of “warm and fuzzies” My medication made me feel warm and  I couldn’t remember the name of my medication for the life of me, so I would just  mouth out “warm and fuzzies” and my sister knew what it meant. Riley is probably one of the most amazing people I know.  When she found out I was sick she came home instantly and spent the night in ICU with me, my parents would say, “Riley, go home and sleep and you can come back in the morning.” But she insisted on staying with me. The night of my surgery my parents basically forced her to go home to sleep, so she went home but she didn’t relax. Riley, her boyfriend Sean, and one of my best friends Jill were at my house making posters of my favourite quotes. The next day when I woke up they were all over my hospital room wall, it was incredible.