Hey guys.

I wrote this song yesterday about my experiences this past year!
i hope you all enjoy it <3


  1. You are awesome seriously! First of all, you won this hard battle with cancer like a champion so powerfull and always smiling (like you said), with that incredible talent you have. So then you didn’t have enough and you give us that song, which is incredible too .Since the first day i saw you on youtube, i couldn’t believe it ,so i showed the video to my sister, my friend… And they always said ” it can’t be posible”. You don’t watch every day somebody who sings with a trach and less like you do!! It’s really nice to know that you are fine and singing other time! I don’t know what are you studying but maybe you have to think about studying music and been a singer hahaha
    Love and support from Spain.
    Pdt: Sorry for my english.

  2. Wow. Carley, I always read your posts but don’t usually write a reply but this was so incredible I had to let you know that I absolutely loved it. Your voice is wonderful and I loved the tribute to your parents.

  3. A beautiful tribute to the strength and support you received from your whole family,and the strength you found in yourself and from them. Amazing

  4. Carley, that was absolutely amazing. Your voice is more beautiful than it ever was. You made our day. We love you.

  5. Carley that was so touching and beautiful…Your amazing…God bless you and your Family..

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