CT Scan Results!

Yesterday i got the results from my CT scan back and…. Cancer free!!! SOooo happy and excited to know that the scan show no evidence of reoccurrence as do they also show significant healing in my tracheal area! Its always nice to see my oncologist and get these good results. We still meet my oncologist in the same room as we did during my chemotherapy. And i still remember the days we would go in for an appointment extremely anxious to see if the chemo was effecting my tumour. Even though it was a year ago, it still feels like just yesterday.

In am still currently seeing my voice therapist and we are working on getting my singing voice back! 

We met with an endocrinologist today to check my thyroid levels and i was a bit lower then the average, so i can understand why i havent been feeling great recently. We got it sorted out and i should be feeling better soon! 

One of my favourite quotes: 

Scars are tattoos with better stories.

My scar is a part of me now and it will always remind me of what i am capable of. 




  1. This is fantastic news — the absolute best! I’m so happy for you and for your wonderful family and friends, who love you so much.

  2. That is great. great news. So glad there is a more positive road ahead. You have been an inspiration to so so many and now you get to reap some of the “Pay it forward” benefits from your hard work, strength and belief you showed. Hats off to all involved … Way to go Kiddo.(Some time if we ever get a chance to meet again in person I will explain that one to you!!)

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