CT Results!

Today i met with my oncologist to discuss the results of my CT scan. Before the doctor came in today a young lady came in and informed us that my doctor would be coming in shortly and we will be talking about participating in a Clinical Trial. My parents didn’t really say anything and the woman left the room. Their minds immediately went to the worse case scenario, thinking my cancer had returned and they wanted to try a new treatment. a few moments later the lady came back into our room and said “oh my gosh im so sorry i ment to give that news to another patient.” i could hear both my parents give a sigh of relief as my mom put her head in her hands and shed a few tears of joy. My doctor came into the room and said everything on the scan looked great and I am still clear of cancer! We discussed a number of things today which included the statistical value for recurrence. They mentioned that if the scans remain clear for a period of two years after diagnosis (Feb 2015) then the chances of recurrence are exponentially lowered. i will be scanned for the next year every 3 months, then after the year, every 6 months. I crossing my fingers to keep the good results coming! Thank you for all the love and support! Image



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