crazy week

Its officially been 7 days that i’ve had a fever over 38 Celsius. I stayed at Queens untill last Sunday morning when my fever reached over 40 Celsius and i had to come home. I am thankfully back at school today but i will have to see how I am feeling. Its pretty frustrating that I have missed almost the entire first week of classes, but i know that shouldn’t be my biggest worry right now.

Yesterday my parents and I went to the Dana Farber Cancer Institution in Boston. I walked in and it looked like a hotel, so i asked my parents where we were cause it definitely didnt look like a hospital to me. We sat and waited for our appointment and this lady came up to  us and gave me this little monitor, she said it was a tracking device so the doctor would know where i am at all times in the hospital. I thought it was a bit strange but i went along with it.

Finally our long day of appointments ended and we were on our way back to the airport. I was very relieved to be coming home since i was still very sick.

Its pretty weird realizing that i am at school and i am battling cancer at the same time. Its life and i have to enjoy it as it is. Cancer sucks but it would suck even more if i let the cancer take over my life.


  1. Hi Carly.
    Frustrating, I imagine is a large understatement.
    I can only send you my very best wishes and all the positive energy I can. When my mother was ill, we didn’t go to any other hospitals, just PMH.
    Hospitals don’t have to have the “Hospital look and feel” that most of them have, but most are designed that way. I hope thats changing here.
    I don’t know how to convey how much I’m pulling for you. I really do hope you feel well enough to stay at Queens and do what you can.

    All my best wishes: Brian

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