Crazy few days

The last few days have been quite insane. I was really starting to feel better the other day, then i woke up in the middle of the night Sunday in extreme pain. I had my White blood cell shot the day after i finished chemo, and generally it makes you feel pretty under the weather, but this was different. I got up and i could barely feel my arms and legs, i had no idea what was going on. I called my mom and dad into my room because i didn’t know what to do. After Tylenol had no effect, we made the decision to take another middle of the night trip to Sick Kids. I think one emergency visit to Sick Kids between Chemo therapies is becoming a tradition of mine.

To make a long story short, we got to Sick Kids and they prescribed me some medication to take the pain away. The production of White blood cells in my bone marrow was just giving me pain.

So now today i am starting to get my strength back and get out of bed, well i kind of had to get out of bed because i had a CT scan at 10am this morning. So my mom, dad and i got up and headed down to Toronto Western Hospital, then to Sick Kids for some blood work. Everything went well so we were on our way home in no time. 

Every time i walk into Sick Kids its a bit different, because every time i go ive met more and more people and built more relationships with the staff. I know the hospital isn’t really the place you want to walk in and be welcomed by name or hear things like “we missed you!” but its definitely better then being a stranger or the new kid. 


  1. The White Blood Cell shot used to kick my butt too. The new things we learn. Your spirit is amazing.

  2. Awesome spirit, keep fighting bb! Thinking bout you everyday <3 can't wait to cruise in Ricky while blasting our fav songs and water guns ahaa 😉

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