Chemotherapy round 3

Today i had a meeting with my parents and Medical Oncologist. We met to talk about continuing with chemotherapy or going into surgery. After a long confusing discussion, we have decided to go ahead with one more month of chemotherapy. The tumour has not per say shrunk in size but there has been a change in the texture of the tumour on the side touching my thyroid. This led my Oncologist to believe that the chemo is having an effect and it would be best for us to continue with another month cycle. At first i was very upset with this decision, i wanted to have surgery and get on with my life. But i realized that by making the tumour as small as possible before surgery, gives me a better chance of a full recovery. and although i am yet again set back another month, i am confident that this is the right decision for me in the long run. 

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  1. As hard as it must be Car, trust in their expertise…..they too want you better. Thinking of you always and I know Janique is looking after you. Xo Moe

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