Chemotherapy before surgery?

Today was a pretty crazy and emotional day. I started my day off with an interview with City TV, and shortly after, i had my craniosacral therapy. During my therapy  my mom got a call from my surgeon. They have done some further investigation and believe that it might be better for me to go through two rounds of Chemotherapy before i have surgery. Essentially i was devastated. I couldn’t believe that my surgery was going to be postponed to a month from now. I didn’t understand why all the suddon i was going to need chemo first, i thought i was having surgery in 2 days? i was definitely pretty confused. My mom informed me that we were going to go pick my dad and we would be on our way to Sick Kids to meet with a doctor to make the final decision. I was pretty upset when we got to Sick kids but that sadness quickly changed. As i walked into the cancer patients section at Sick Kids i saw 2 children about 6 years old playing in the toy room. They seemed like normal, happy children, yet they were very sick. I suddenly stopped feeling bad for myself i thought about how the parents of these extremely young kids feel. It really broke my heart to see so many children are effected by cancer, and that really made me more passionate to make a change. 

We moved into a room where we would consult with the doctor. after a long discussion, i felt like we had gotten nowhere. I felt as though the pros and cons of both options were equal. I was starting to get a bit frustrated, i don’t like not having a fixed plan. I have been preparing to have surgery on Thursday and its hard for me to just go with the changes when i had my head set to go in Thursday. I know the doctors have my best interest in mind, so i will do whatever they throw at me. And if Chemo is going to be the best option then Chemo it is! whatever they can do to get me better and back to my normal life as soon as possible.

I wanted to thank everyone so much for all the support it really means the world to me. You guys are the reason i’m able to stay so positive, and i cant thank you all enough! <3 

Here the link to my most recent TV Interview- City TV 





  1. Our family spent a LOT of time in that neck of the woods at Sick Kids, and I promise you could not be in better hands or with more compassionate people. I’m sure it was a shock, but they’ll make you feel at home (if that’s even possible in a hospital..?) Good luck, and well done on your interviews!

    Amy, Maureen, Rick and Leia xxx

  2. Carley, I am sorry to hear about the change in plans — it is hard to change course when you’ve mentally prepared for one thing. It sounds like you have excellent doctors taking care of you and tons and tons of support pouring in. Your strength is really inspirational. 🙂 We are all thinking of you here at school. 🙂

      1. Doctors are not infallible. Please watch Cut Burn Poison and inform yourself. I am only saying this because it hurts me to imagine Carley having to go through more unnecessary pain than she already is. I respect the decision that was made, that is not up to me. But I truly believe there are better options out there. I hope everything goes well for her.

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