Chemo Week 2!

so here we are! Week 2 of the safe chemo! im feeling good and excited for this week to get going. I am also doing hyperthermia treatments on the days i get chemo, so were doing a lot of things right now to kick cancers butt!

on the weekend my haemoglobin dropped almost below 70 so i had to have a transfusion! Sunday we spent 8 hours in North York General getting 2 bags of blood. im glad we did the transfusion because my body really felt like it needed it, i have much more energy today then I’ve had in a long time.

thats all the updates i have for now! xoxo


  1. Hi Carly, It’s Alice, Courtney’s mom. Been following your progress, glad to hear your surgery is done and chemo is ongoing. Most happy that you are feeling better. Whenever you’re discouraged or tired of fighting, gather strength knowing that your family and friends hold you deep in their hearts. You and your family are in my prayer. Say hello to your parents for me.

  2. you managed another tough hurdle and we are so glad you are feeling strong. All the best for the coming week and wishes that it will pass without trouble. You look lovely in your Instagram pic. , almost as cute as Tobi 🙂

  3. Good luck this week Carley, happy to hear you are going into feeling stronger, sending strength and love ️xo

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