Chemo round 4 starts tomorrow!

Today is my last day before my next (and could be last) round of chemo so I’m trying to get everything done before i go back, knowing im not going to feel great when i get home. This round is much longer then my last, but from pervious experiences, it doesn’t make me feel as bad as the 2 day round. Obviously i wish i didn’t have to go back, but i’m really excited to get this over with and be done with chemo for the rest of my life. After this round i will be having another CT scan and we will decide if i need another month of chemo, or if i will go into an operation. I am not sure what to expect but i can only hope that the chemo is doing its job. 



  1. Hi Carley:
    Thinking about you and hoping that your spirits are up during this “hopefully” last round. You will be strong and healthy very soon….keep fighting.

  2. Think like this is a marathon and you’re fighting back you’re halfway to make the finish line keep on going you’re going to win

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