Chemo round 3 complete!

Today i woke up definitely not feeling 100% myself, i wasn’t in a good mood, and i was still feeling some of the effect from the chemo and WBC shot. I finished my 3rd round of chemo last Thursday so i thought today would be the day i start feeling better again, so i was a little disappointed when i woke up still feeling nauseous. 

feeling sick aside, i realized something today, i’ve already made it through more then two months since i was diagnosed and 3 rounds of chemo. So after feel pretty upset this morning i started to figure, that if i’ve already been through 2 months, it’ll just get easier from here. 

My life has for sure done a 360 in the last two months, but i’m almost half way there! and who knows, i may only have one more round of chemo to complete! Running on the chemo home stretch! 


  1. Hey Carley,
    It’s Brianne from ND Business Leadership. We were wondering if you are able to make the Conference? Hope you’re doing well.
    All the Best,

  2. It’s this positive attitude that will keep guiding your trip back from this experience. Carely, I admire your strength and hope that everyday will bring improvement until you fully recover. Let’s hope together that tomorrow is not bringing any nausea!
    Love, Samia

  3. hard to believe you are only 17? 18 years old. you have it all worked out and have taken charge of your live in a way that many older adults would struggle with. We wish you continued strength for the rest of the way to a complete recovery.
    with love
    Heike & Ray

  4. Indeed, well done – way to look ahead and focus on the finish line, and at the same time realize just how far you have come. I hope you feel better tomorrow 😉

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