Chemo Day 3

Today i met another patient at Sick Kids who is also my age and has a similar type of cancer. He also has a type of Sarcoma tumour. It was really refreshing to meet someone who is my age and going through the same thing. He was diagnosed in September so he’s a lot more familiar the effects of chemo and things around the hospital,  its been really nice to have someone tell me what i’m headed for. Not to mention that he is a super nice guy, and definitely has a good head on his shoulders. I want to congratulate him on almost finishing his 14th and last round of chemo! Michael your almost free!

My hair has finally started to fall out so today my dad and i shaved our heads together! Love you so much daddy <3



  1. You two must look great together. I have known your dad since he was your age and know you have one of the “Best dad’s in the world. We are rooting for you and hope you can get back on the ice soon.( I see you are practising with the IV pole 🙂

    Heike & Ray

  2. great pic, carley. it’s great to read the updates, and to see that you’re positive spirit is still there. it’s very inspiring. we miss you at BVG. hope to see you soon. Mr. C

  3. You should have just left that one stripe of bald on your dad’s head! 😉 Or maybe a mullet?

    Glad to hear you’ve found a new friend to relate to at Sick Kids. I bet it’s good to talk to someone who is facing a similar speed-bump in life.

    You’re so awesome, Carley – we are all cheering for you and imagining that tumour shrinking and shrinking down to nothing.

    With lots of love,
    Your Mom’s cousin sue & family

  4. Way to go Carley, way to go Mark. Love to you both. Keep that beautiful spirit of yours way up. Xoxo

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