Chemo Day 2

Day 2 Chemo complete! I am so incredibly happy because this time around, i’m not feeling too sick. This is a much different experience then the last time i had chemo, but i’m not complaining! This have been going pretty well here at Sick Kids, my friends came today to keep me company so i’ve been occupied all day. its been pretty hard to sit in bed all day so i’ve been going for lots of walks. Since i’ve been skating the last few days i started to get the feeling of exercising everyday back, but not that i’m back in the hospital its sorta impossible to exercise and its driving me crazy, but its only 4 more days! Then i will be back home and able to get my feet back on the ice. Mentally, its hard because i just want to skate, and i just want to get back to my normal life, but i have to be patient and patience is defiantly something i need to learn. 

Although its hard and i wish i could just wake up tomorrow and have this all be a bad dream, its reality and i have to face it. I may not be there yet, but i’m closer then i was yesterday. 



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