Chemo 2.0

Today i started taking the chemotherapy pills. I only took them an hour ago so i havent felt any side effects yet. It was a very strange feeling taking chemo from a bottle in pill form. All day long i was looking over at the bottle trying to wrap my head around the fact that the bottle contained chemo. from my past experience chemo was administered in liquid IV form in the hospital, and my nurses had to wear gowns and a protective mask before hanging the bag on my IV tower. It was so strange to just be able to access the chemo at a time i chose, pour the pills into a little cup and swallow them. I still have to follow most of the same rules as before like no grapefruit, Advil, mouthwash, and the weird list goes on and on but i basically have it memorized from last year. And thats the thing… i never imagined having to use this knowledge again. just like yesterday when my doctor asked me if i had any left over anti nausea medication, and low and behold we had all the medication. It felt like i was back in March 2013 looking through all the chemo medications making sure i had enough before we started the next round.

Im still trying to understand everything that is going on right now, and part of me thinks i haven’t even comes to terms with the fact my cancer is back. It does not feel real yet, but i know it will soon. Cancer tried to beat me once and it failed, and it will continue to fail. I know i can beat this, it will just take more time. God has a plan for me, and this is the journey he’s taking me on to find it. I want to do great things with my life and i know one day i will be able to. 

I will keep you all updated with treatment plans and how i am feeling. 

I love you all 




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  2. Carley – over the past year and a half your blog has clearly demonstrated your fighting spirit and the positivity that helped you to beat cancer. I’m confident that you will fight this next battle with the same tenacity and that you will win once more. Sending you positive thoughts,
    Mr. H.

  3. Awe 🙁 I’m sorry, Carley that you’re dealing with cancer again. But know that God will help you fight this battle and remember all of the people you know (family/friends) and don’t know (your blog readers) care about you and I am one of the many who are praying for you too! If you need uplift, I recommend two radio stations I believe you’ll love: K-LOVE ( and WGTS 91.9 FM ( You can listen live to each radio station online via their official website.

    God bless you! *Jeremiah 29:11*

  4. Carley, I am so sorry that you have to gear up for another fight, but I am amazed by your spirit! You certainly have lots of wonderful people in your corner to support you through this fight.

  5. Carley, you are right that God has a plan for you to do great things with your life. You are already doing great things. You are showing people how to face adversity with courage and grace. You are inspiring others to face the obstacles in their own lives. I’m sorry you are dealing with this setback. But it is just that. A bump in the road. You will deal with it and you will continue to move forward and embrace your full rich life and all the wonderful years that are ahead.

    Sending love, prayers and healing energy.


  6. Carley, thank you for continuing to share this “journey” you are on. I truly think that by doing so you are helping not only yourself, but many others who take courage from your determination. You are such a special person and are loved by so many. Keep fighting, we are with you!

    Sent with Good (

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