Brights days ahead

I have not had the easiest of weeks. When I got to Hippocrates I was motivated to embrace the new lifestyle, but it wasn’t until i understood what it actually entails until I started having problems . Earlier this week I wasn’t able to get out of bed, and today I spent the entire day up and about !

I watched the graduation of the session earlier then mine and it was incredible. Every single person that was graduating walked onto the stage and spoke about their experiences here, and the amount of people that say they feel better, their pain is gone, their TUMOUR shrunk it’s just amazing.

When I first got here I didn’t know if I would be able to do this. I felt sick, I couldn’t get out of bed, and I had to go to the hospital because one night I just got too sick. But between today and yesterday I feel like I’m starting to see the light.

I am so confident with what I am doing and I know when I get my next scan results we WILL see positive changes.



  1. you will be next on stage and will give hope to the newcomers by telling them about your positive results.

  2. Carley, you make me remember, there is always sunshine after the rain, maybe not right away, but the sun does shine through xo

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