Back on the Ice!

This morning i decided that i was feeling well enough, and i wanted to try and get on the ice. I hadn’t put all the numbers together, and didn’t realize that the last time i skated was January 30th.   That means i haven’t skated in almost 2 months. Ive been injured before so i have taken time off, and learned to fight back, but i have never been off the ice for more then 5 weeks. Obviously this is different and i am going to be off for a much longer then these 2 months, but it was so nice to be back on the ice today. Just the familiarity of being at the rink was just what i needed. Being the the rink was bittersweet though. Its hard to transition from being somewhere everyday, to once in a blue moon. For a brief moment when i taking my skates off, i few tears fell from my eyes, i’m not too sure if it was because i was so happy to be there or because i miss it so much. But i think its safe to say it was a bit of both. 

Although i knew i was definitely wasnt going to be able to train, or even do more then get my feet into the ice, its one step closer to getting back on the ice for good.   



  1. Hi Carley,
    So happy to see you out on the ice. Neat to see you out there with Leah 🙂 We are all following your progress and you keep us inspired in the work that we do in our Clinic. We love to hear you sing too. Come visit us in Pre-Admit any time !!
    Judith K.

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