Back home!

Last night i came home from Kingston for a doctors appointment this morning. The appointment was with our oncologist to assess my fever and cold. I have been feeling much better over the last few days but still not great. We started the chemo again on Sunday night so that could be the reason i’m starting to feel not so great again.

These days i find there’s no way to describe how i feel. I get upset about everything and just feel like crying but then i look at the big picture and i realize, this is just going to be another battle i’m going to win. Its going to be another trophy to put up on the mantle. “Conquered cancer round 2.” I know those word are far from being said but i do know there will be a time when i say them. Its not going to be an easy fight, and i cant say id be able to do it alone, but with the help of my friends and family i know its possible.

xoxo Carley


  1. With your courage and determination and as well the love and support you have all around, you are sure to win this battle Carley.
    Ivar and Maureen

  2. We are praying and rooting for you Carley.
    You can show the cancer who is the stronger one!
    Stay strong.
    Jaffer and Parin

  3. Stay strong Carley. You’re going to win this round too. We’re all here to support you and do anything you need us to. Love, Aslan

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