Back at TGH

Today my dad and i went down to Toronto General Hospital for an appointment with the endocrinologist. Ive only really been to TGH for 2 other occasions, first being my tumor removal surgery, second being my T- tube removal surgery. So it was a bit strange going there just for an appointment. As i walked through the front doors i walked by the ice cream shop i used to go to while i was recovering from surgery. I can still remember spending hours trying to finish my ice cream because everything was so hard for me to swallow. It makes me appreciate the simple things, and how far i have come since July! 

as for the meeting with the endocrinologist, everything is great! We adjusted the dosage of my thyroid medication, and spoke about how i have been feeling in general. Im so glad everything is well and I’m back to living my normal life.. well sort of, its back to my normal like plus ALOT more appointments