Almost 1 Year!

Tomorrow is the one year mark since i was diagnosed! I cannot believe that it has been a full year but i can definitely say it has been the most eventful year of my life. On this day last year i was at home because the hospital told me i had a small hole in my lung and that it would heal in a few days so i should just rest at home. I remember this day last year very clearly because I could not fall asleep. I was home on the couch all day but I wasn’t able to sleep because i couldn’t catch my breath. I had also gotten very skinny by this point last year and family and friends were concerned for my health. I am very excited to reach the one year mark since i was diagnosed and celebrate not only for successfully making it to one year, but also to give my dad a REAL 50th Birthday. As many of you know i was diagnosed on my dads 50th Birthday, I think i gave him the worst 50th Birthday gift a dad could ask for last year, but I know this year is going to be all smiles for all of us. I know my dad is going to have a wonderful second 50th Birthday :). 



  1. Happy 50th. birthday again , Mark , make it a great one.
    To you Carley , Sammy , Riley , May and Mark we send our best wishes for 50 years of health and happiness.xxxooo
    Heike & Ray

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