8 Days since Surgery!

Its been 8 days since the big operation and i am feeling great! Doctors said that everything is healing perfectly and quicker then they expected. i don’t think i have yet wrapped my head around the fact that i am now cancer free! February 4th feels just like yesterday, and now i can say i am cancer free. It has been a bumpy road these past 5 months and i know i still have a bit of a a road ahead of me but the worst is over, and the cancer is gone! It feels amazing to say “i HAD cancer.”

This experience as an inpatient at the hospital has been a bit different then all the others. At Sick Kids i was among other kids with cancer going through chemotherapy. at North York General (where the trach was put in) i was in a single room at the end of the hallway and i rarely saw other patients. Here and Toronto General i am in a ward for head and neck patients. and i have to say, if i still had my trach i would fit in perfectly. from what i can see, over 50% of the patients on this floor have tracheotomies, something i didn’t think was so common. Although everyones situation is a bit different, everyone on the floor has had a similar surgery and they are all so supportive. It is amazing how positive everyone is, and how determined to get healthy again they are. Its hard not to be positive in an environment life this, and we have the staff at TGH 6B to thank for that. They are all a little family and i’m proud to be a part of it. 

On another note, on July 16 there is a Sick Kids benefit at Mont Pleasant and Davisville from 3-7pm called Concert for Carley! anyone and everyone is welcome! 


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  1. What a wonderful thing to hear you say “I HAD cancer”. I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear this. well comeback! r u still in the hospital??? XOXOOXOX

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