7 days away

After my long day yesterday at Princess Margret Hospital i really started to digest the information. Yesterday i was just so happy to hear that they were going to surgically take the tumour out that nothing else said that day was going to upset me. But when i woke up today i really started to think about it. before today i didn’t know if i was ever going to even have surgery, let alone what the surgery entails. yesterday i was told that i was going to have a large incision along my collar bone so that they can acess the entire tumour and lymph nodes around it. They also told me that they were going to have to remove my thyroid. The moment they say they are going to remove anything my ears perk up, but they assured me that i would just have to take a thyroid pill to replace it. As far as i was concerned the risks in this surgery didn’t seem like such a big deal, until they mentioned my vocal chords. The doctors explained that there could be infected areas around they nerves close to my vocal chords, this means that there is a chance that my voice was going to change. I started to get a little worried. They said that the chance of a permanent change in my voice was very small, but i would most likely have a rasp in my voice for a few weeks. I was a little stunned to hear how complicated this surgery was going to be, but i should have expected that. i don’t have the average case of Melanoma. Regardless of what is technically going to be done during surgery, i know i have an amazing group of doctors, and they will do everything in their power to remove this tumour. 

I wanted to thank my Craniosacral therapist Janique Farand-taylor. I believe in her and her work, and i truly believe she in the reason my tumour is small enough to be surgically removed now. As opposed to February 4th when i had my first Ct scan and they said my tumour was too large for surgery. I have not been doing any treatment other then Janique’s Cranioscral therapy, so i wanted to thank her for her amazing work, she is truly incredible, there aren’t words to describe how thankful i am. 


7 days till surgery
7th case of Malignant Melanoma outside the Trachea in the world,
7th of March- Surgery 



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  2. Keep all that positive energy rolling Carley……your writings gives us all comfort and strength. Janique is a very special woman, a gifted and talented physio, athlete, mom and friend to all of us, I am so glad she is looking after you. Btw The team at PMH and her you are in good hands. xo Moe

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