2 days to go!

im almost there! almost completed all 33 radiation treatments. Today i’m feeling pretty sick but i know i only have 2 left! Today we met with my Radiation Oncologist and i finally realized this was going to be the last time i meet with him in that office after a radiation treatment. It was kind of a weird thing to wrap my head around. Ive gotten so used to going down to Princess Margaret everyday, sitting in the same chair waiting for radiation, having radiation, then going to see my doctor once a week. Its all become part of my daily routine. But i am so excited and so thankful that Wednesday is going to be my last day! 

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  1. So close, so close!!!

    We are all very excited for you and so proud of the amazing, positive attitude you’ve had through this unbelievable challenge. A race you never wanted to run, but look how great you did!!!

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