What to do on a Snow Day?!

Well, it looks like we are snowed in here at Carley’s Angels Head Quarters and most of the City is too!

So what to do with your friends, kids, pets and family members on this snow day?? Well, we have a few ideas…

  1. STAY INSIDE! No point in trying to leave the house, so you may as well curl up on the couch under a comfy blanket and introduce your family, friends and kids to an amazing young woman and her determination to smile throughout the worst of times. Although school may be cancelled don’t miss this opportunity learn about perseverance, bravery and love. All packaged up in an incredible movie on Netflix called Kiss and Cry
  2. GET ACTIVE. Getting antsy sitting inside? May we suggest signing up for our “Cycle for Carley’s Angels Winter tune-up? Sign you self up today and get training for an afternoon of fierce competition and fundraising. This event will take place Saturday, February 9th! SIGN UP HERE
  3. ONLINE SHOP! I mean, what are snow days for if they aren’t for some retail therapy? And for a little extra encouragement, the funds from everything and anything purchased on Carley’s Angels go directly to supporting uniting traditional and holistic cancer care in hospitals! SHOP HERE
  4. GO PLAY IN IT, cause why not!! Bundle up, take some pictures, make some memories and live the #alwayssmile way.

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