The Always Smile Award

The Always Smile Award


Carley’s persona on the ice was something that she worked extremely hard at. As did every Figure Skater. The idea was to do something with great difficulty and make it look easy. That was grace, and that was what every Figure Skater strived for. Why? Well because figure skating unlike a running race or a game of hockey had a score that was a combination of 2 different things. 1 – how difficult your elements were and how well you executed them.  2- How easy did you make it look? Were you smiling? Did you look relaxed? Did you movements exude beauty and grace? … That second score was what set figure skating apart from other sports. You didn’t just have to do the hardest elements to be the best, you had to make it look effortless.

The second score was Carley’s Specialty.

Little did Carley know that this persona she had mastered on the ice, doing something very difficult with grace and a smile on your face, would soon become her most valuable tool during her cancer journey.

We have created the “Always Smile Award” in honour of Carley Elle Allison. A competitive figure skater who courageously battled a very rare form of Cancer. Carley’s story caught the attention of news outlets and hundreds of thousands of people around the world as she was determined to “Always Smile” in the most unlikely situation. Her message of “Always Smile” resonated throughout her journey as she skated and even competed at sectionals during treatments. Through this, she demonstrated bravery and perseverance delivered with the same grace she presented her program on the ice.

The “Always Smile Award” is awarded to a courageous young skater that has overcome an adversity with grace and a smile on their face.

On January 31st 2019 we had the honour of presenting the very first Always Smile Award of 2019 to Emese Elkind of the “North Toronto Figure Skating Club”. Emese is a good-natured young figure skater who had more than her share of troubles with landing the infamous “Axel”. Although younger skaters were landing the jump she kept trying and congratulated every skater that conquered the axel before her, never resenting or showing jealousy. Emese recently landed her Axel and was then rewarded with her double toe loop and double salch cow. Thank you Emese for never giving up and dealing with your troublesome axel with grace and a smile on your face! Thank you for embodying “Always Smile”

Our goal is to make the “Always Smile Award” a coveted honour in all skating clubs across Ontario. We are hoping to introduce Carley’s Story and message of “Always Smile” to as many young skaters as possible. If you would like to get your skating involved and help us share Carley’s inspiring message of “Always Smile” please email us at

We can’t do this without your help! If you are a Business and would like to sponsor one of our “Always Smile Awards” we would love to hear from you. Help us spread Carley’s inspirational message of always smile far and wide! Email us at for more information.

By: Riley Allison

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