3rd Annual Cycle for Carley


Step One:

Once you have your 4 member team together click HERE to fill in the SIGN-UP FORM.  Each team member needs to complete this form.

Step Two:

Register and pay (each team member) by choosing on one of these options:

  • $45 for registration only or
  • $70  for registration plus CA Leggings or Long Sleeve T-shirt
  • $95  for registration plus CA Leggings or Long Sleeve T-shirt & New CA Hat(Leggings, Long-Sleeves, and Hat will be available for pick-up at the event)


Registration CLOSED


+ Self Pledge CLOSED

 Earns CA Leggings or
Long Sleeve


+ Self Pledge CLOSED

  Earns CA Leggings or Long Sleeve
& New CA Hat

Want to VOLUNTEER at this event?

Simply CLICK HERE to fill out the volunteer form and we will be in touch with the details.

Our volunteers make these events possible and HUGELY successful, so thank you in advance!



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