Ride to Conquer Cancer 2023

The 2023 Ride to Conquer Cancer

This weekend our small but mighty Carley’s Angels team took on the 2023 Ride to Conquer Cancer in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Center, the very same cancer centre where the Cancer Exerpeicne Program funded by Carley’s Angels is!

In 2014 our Carley sang the national anthem, in 2015 they honoured her by playing the recording and having the Carley’s Angels team walk the symbolic riderless bike down the centre of the opening ceremonies, this weekend the 2023 ride continued to honour Carley by making a special mention while reminding riders why we ride.

After the opening ceremonies the riders were off, lead by this years team Captain Dan Allison (Carley’s Cousin), and here’s what our 2023 captain had to say!

“Carley’s Angels rode with purpose and determination, bringing hope to those fighting against cancer. From Toronto to Niagara, we covered 217km, pushing past our limits and proving that together, we can make a difference. Each year is different and the big takeaway for me was the support we have for one another in the Carley’s Angels Team and Community. Through the contributions of you as a community and the support of the team, we stayed together, all accomplishing our goal and crossing the finish line together. together.

With each Kilometer conquered, we are one step closer to a world free from cancer. Let our journey inspire others to join us in this fight, as we ride for those we love, for those who have fought, and for a future where cancer is conquered. Together, we are Carley’s Angels, and we will continue to pedal towards a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for your donations, support and outreach.

Next year we look to accomplish bigger and better things so please contact us to be put on the potential team list next year if you are interested in riding.”


Samantha Allison Carley’s Sister, supported her parents this weekend as they rode in their 11th Ride to Conquer Cancer.

She said as the riders came across the line on the final day of the ride, even after 9 years of doing and watching  the ride “the finish line is still so emotional watching riders hug each other as they came in is always so special”

Lastly, we wanted to share a note from one of our new team members who truly put into words the magic of Carley’s Angels and we are grateful to have on the team!

“Just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had last weekend and thanks for welcoming me to your Carley’s Angels team.

The family is obviously passionate about this cause and the Ride to Conquer Cancer event, which is contagious. It was very moving to see that support for each other and the ride and I felt part of it. The riding was fun, a bit harrowing at times, but everyone was so positive and friendly, how could you not enjoy it despite the time in the saddle and a few hills (and spills) ? Thanks for showing me the ropes, chatting with me and sharing stories, introducing me to new (great) people, and letting me draft😊.

May – you and your family are inspirational, admirable, bloody fast cyclists, and fun! Thanks for the jersey and bucket hat. Carolyn, Ger,  Martha  and Chris – thanks for your advice and help getting me to the start, finish and home again! Dan, Fred, James, Mark, Angus and Howard – so nice to meet you all and marvel at the efforts you make, and the obvious love among the team.

You all made my ride a very positive experience and I applaud your dedication to the cause. It’s such a worthy one.

Hope to do it all again in a year! – Sian”

To all of our riders, donors and supporters, past future and present, thank you contributing to the impact and magic that is the Carley’s Angels Ride to Conquer Cancer Teams.

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