The Little Girl Who Could 

Every single day we open our email inbox, facebook messages and instagram DM’s to breathtaking and tear-jerking stories about how Carley, her story and her motto “always smile” has changed someone’s life. How she has given them the strength to face their adversity. How she has given them hope to hold on to. And how her message of “always smile” has given them a new perspective on life. It is all of you who message us with your personal and touching stories that give Carley’s legacy such a profound impact.

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Today we share the very first “Share Your Story” of 2020 about a very courageous little girl named Paige. This story was submitted by Paige’s Mother.

My daughter was 3 yrs old when they found a golf/tennis ball tumour crushing her brainstem. In just over 24 hrs she had emergency surgery to save her life. 

But that’s not the most astonishing part of this story…Paige, our little girl who could, skied a month and 4 days later. And later that week skated also on neighbours outside rink.

To say the least, Paige is a tough cookie. She has since become a STAR 2 skater and will be racing U12 competitive skiing this yr. Paige absolutely LOVES to see stories about other girls that have been challenged by tumours or cancer. Even more so when they are athletes like herself. So when we watched Kiss and Cry, the movie made about Carley and she LOVED it. She really resonated with Carley as she too has a passion for figure skating and battled cancer.  After watching the movie we searched the web and found your Facebook page and website. Paige was so excited, we bought a necklace and a pair of mittens. She proudly wears her always smile necklace!! 

Like Carley Skating is her joy. And ski racing is her passion. Thank you for sharing Carley’s Story with us and the world. 

It’s inspiring to see first hand what Carley’s story can do for another little girl. And It’s truly amazing to see what our strong little girl can do!

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