Meet My Doppelgänger

Meeting My Doppelgänger


Being told that someone is going to play you in a movie is a cool yet interesting feeling, but when they are as amazing and incredible as Julia Tomasone it’s pretty darn awesome.


I will never forget I was sitting in my high school at lunch one day playing on my phone when I received a follower request on Instagram from someone who looked exactly like me~ It was scary the resemblance I saw, I mean same height, same brown hair, just a different name~ I didn’t have any idea who this could be so I started to look at her profile and found out she was an actress, so I called my sister Riley to ask if she knew anything and she told me “oh they are casting for Kiss and Cry”. I put 2 and 2 together and thought “This must be who is playing me!”’ I thought that was pretty awesome, I mean, she looked exactly like me!


All of the actors and actresses came over to our house so that we could meet each one of them and so they could get a feel for playing each one of our personalities. When I opened the door to let Julia in my jaw dropped and we both just stood there staring at each other for about 10 seconds! I swear it was like looking in a mirror… She was my doppelgänger!


The more I got to talk to her the more I realized we were actually very similar. From that day on I knew this movie was going to be awesome. Julia had me to a tee, and anyone that knows me knows how well of a job she did in playing me! All the actors and actresses or should I say doppelgängers were so amazing and we all knew the movie was going to be great.


I gained a doppelgänger and a friend, Julia and I still try and see each other as often as we can. She’s an amazing friend and person.

By: Samantha Allison

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