Carley’s Crew Spotlight – Melissa

Inspired by the Humans of New York (HONY) movement pioneered by photographer Brandon Stanton, we are creating a photo series celebrating our volunteers, their stories, and what brought them to Carley's Angels.

Today it's our pleasure to introduce National Crew member, Melissa

On April 8th, 2017, I watched Kiss & Cry on the Family Channel. A romantic drama about a figure skater based on a true story? That's my kind of movie! What I didn't know at the time, though, was that this "random" film would profoundly impact my life. At the end of the film, I learned about Carley's Angels. As someone who has lost family members to cancer, and someone who supports holistic ways of living, I wholeheartedly believed in their mission."



"so, when Carley's Angels was seeking Volunteers for their 2019 Winter Tune Up event, I thought 'This is it! This is my chance!'. As an 18-year-old girl from Montreal, taking the train to Toronto to volunteer for 6 hours sounded unrealistic to most. However, for me, nothing felt more right. It was intimidating and out of my comfort zone, but I was so excited! And, all of my nerves quickly disappeared when I met the passionate and welcoming Carley's Angels team."



"This event made everything real: this isn't just a movie. These are Carley's real friends and family. These are the people who experienced the heartache of losing a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend - but these same people are the ones honouring her legacy so beautifully, ensuring her life is one to both celebrate and smile about."

"I remember Riley sharing stories with me as she looked around in awe at the event attendees, exclaiming "Damn Car, look what you've inspired!'"

"As I sat on the train back to Montreal, I shed both happy and sad tears, and reflected on how I could do more for Carley's Angels in the future.

"I returned to Toronto to Volunteer at the 2019 Cycle for Carley event. I remember standing with Sammy, Carley's younger sister, when suddenly a Carley blue balloon seamlessly detached from where it it was tired and floated away into the sky. We both looked up, and then at each other, and said: 'That's Carley!' I'll always remember that moment."

"The movie I thought would entertain me for a few hours ended up leading me to Carley's Angels. I am so thankful for that." - Melissa Migueis

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