Carley’s Crew Spotlight – Meghan

Inspired by the Humans of New York (HONY) movement pioneered by photographer Brandon Stanton, we are creating a photo series celebrating our volunteers, their stories, and what brought them to Carley's Angels.

Today it's our pleasure to introduce our newest National Crew member, Meghan.

"I have a great relationship with my parents. They have always taught me to do my very best, and to never compare myself to others. This was a great lesson to learn since at school, primary and secondary were very difficult times. I was bullied, and rejected by the other students. To them, I was not like the others. I was a "girl pirate" because I had to wear a patch for my weak eye. Nevertheless, in 2013 I decided to enrol in my high school's ski-board program. However, it was during my very first year as an alpine ski instructor in 2015 that I was diagnosed with a knee tumour."

"But, things got better. In 2016 I was admitted to my dream college and program, Communications and Journalism. I wanted to meet the biggest stars, share stories and travel the world. As my studies progressed, my passion evolved. I enrolled in Tourism Management, and went abroad to Mexico. I had the most amazing adventure but when I returned home, I was diagnosed kidney stones. After 6 months in the hospital full of appointments, test and small surgical procedures, I was back in the world and in my newest career: promotional agent for the Montreal Canadiens. All these trials reminded my how important it is to always keep smiling." 

"What brought me to Carley's Angels is the inspiring story of Carley Elle Allison. She gained her incredible strength from her songs, to keep her head up. Carley never gave up on her dreams; she remained humble and genuine to her own personality. She has a motto which is very meaningful to me. This is a motto that I practice, share and keep in my mind always."

"The mission and values of Carley's Angels touched me deeply, and I sincerely believe that their work is essential in supporting both cancer patients and their treatments, all while raising awareness."

"Cancer has always been a cause close to my heart. My mother had two cancers, and I've lost people in my life. I lost my godfather and best friend to cancer in 2021, and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. I would have told them how much I loved them, and that I will always remember our moments together."

"Cancer affects us all while we have people we love suffering. That's why I'm so glad to be here at Carley's Angels, with a dedicated and devoted team. To accomplish new things, and discover new things about myself ." - Meghan Leona-Aubry"

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