Carley’s Crew Spotlight – Kathleen

Inspired by the Humans of New York (HONY) movement pioneered by photographer Brandon Stanton, we are creating a photo series celebrating our volunteers, their stories, and what brought them to Carley's Angels.

Today it's our pleasure to introduce National Crew member, Kathleen.

"I first heard about Carley's Angels at the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I found the website and read all about the amazing human that is Carley Allison, and about the Foundation's mission. After watching Kiss and Cry, I knew I had to somehow be a part of this mission. "



"My opportunity came when I applied to be a member of Carley's Crew in 2017, and it was a great experience. I got to interact with the public, spreading the amazing work of the Foundation, and meet the rest of the Carley's Angels family. I loved that so many people were all working towards one goal. Since then, I have volunteered for numerous events and have also become a Carley's Angels Brand Ambassador, which has been life changing."


"The first pivotal moment for me was when I was up in Muskoka volunteering at an event in 2018. I was wearing my Carley's Angels Infinity Hat, and a participant approached me enthusiastically calling out 'Carley's Angels!!'.  I smiled and thanked them for their support. The second moment was when I rode in 2019 as a RTCC Carley's Angels team member. I was amazed that after seeing my jersey, how many people said something positive about the Foundation; that they loved Kiss and Cry and had read 'Always Smile'."

"Those two instances made me so happy. It showed me that the mission to unite traditional and holistic cancer care in hospitals was being heard far and wide."



"I have lost friends and family to cancer over the years, as well as watch them battle and conquer cancer. Knowing that there is a Foundation that is working to provide ongoing mental health and mindfulness support for cancer patients and their families, is something that I strongly support."

"I want to continue spreading awareness and help raise funds for integrative cancer care projects. Being a part of this amazing family is something that makes my heart so full."
- Kathleen Trebilcock


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