The Jennifer Mady Lifetime Achievement Award

This week of always smile month we are sharing all things Carley’s Angels Foundation, our team and our roots. So today we’d like to officially congratulate Jennifer Mady on being the inaugural recipient of the Jennifer Mady Lifetime Achievement Award. 

For her outstanding and irreplaceable, 8+ years of service to Carley’s Angels. Her unwavering dedication, constant hunger for innovation, and human approach have become hallmarks of Carley's Angels and will stand as the living legacy of her incredible impact.

When we were trying to decide how and when to do this award presentation we decided to do it the same day we introduced our 4 new team members to HQ, to inspire them and share with them impact you too can make if you believe in Carley's Angels the way Jenn did.

Our Executive Director Riley Allison & Director of Marketing Meaghan Taylor presented the Award to Jenn on January 18th 2023 and here are just a few excerpts from the speech.

"Jenn, you never did one single thing that had a single purpose, you never made one process that din’t have multiple uses and you never created and ran an event that you didn’t think was replicable and had growth potential. You just didn’t do things half ass, you did them with 110% effort, every single time. Your sure footed guidance, no matter what you said or how you did it, you did it with confidence and grace. As close to our angel as anyone I’ve ever met. You embody “always smile” and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Carley watched you carry your self with sure fitted grace as she grew up. You were meant for this story, this story was meant for you.

Hands down the most integral person to Carley’s Legacy who didn’t grow up at Mark & Mays home. Thank you will never be enough, but that's where we'll start, thank you Jennifer."

As Jennifer  will now be stepping down from her role as our Director of Strategy we are sending the most grateful (not goodbye) but see you soon to our longest standing team member. Your impact and legacy will live on always in the permanent programs, policies, and structures you created that define Carley’s Angels today.

Learn more about our current team that Jennifer had a guiding hand in creating at the link below.



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  1. Congratulations Jennifer! You leave behind a legacy of caring and innovation at Carley’s Angel’s and I know that she would be proud of your many accomplishments that you did in your over eight years of service out of love for Carley. I wish you the best in all that you do in the future. Carley unites us all with caring.

    Anthony Yandoli
    Carley’s Angel from NYC

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