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"Our priority is to elevate the experience of cancer patients, while ensuring cancer care is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.

Furthermore, the Princess Margaret believes that attention to the support and well-being of all patients with cancer, their families, and healthcare workers is as important as the biological dimensions of cancer care.

Which is why we are most grateful for the Carley’s Angels Foundation’s investment in our Cancer Experience Program"

From the Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Through our 3 year gift of $300,000 we have targeted our funding to specifics areas of the cancer experience that we believe will make the biggest impact in creating access to integrative cancer care for all patients.

The first pillar is Health Equity & Supportive Communication. With our gift Dr. Rodin and the team at PMH are working to removing barriers, creating tools to support empathic communication for oncologists, and building a bank of educational accessible training modules called project empathy.

The Second pillar is Cancer Experience Initiatives though integration and support of clinics that reach our most marginalized and vulnerable cancer patients.  Initiatives include improving sexual and gender diversity education in cancer care though an education pilot that will be launched in 2023 and used across all UNH hospitals, improving the lived experience of Black women with breast cancer through a community collaboration with the Olive Branch of Hope and targeted research on inequities in cancer care for this population, and finally improving cultural and linguistic diversity and digital health equity by the creation of the Comfort and Care for All initiative.

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To date, Carley’s Angels has raised over $1,000,000 to fight this fight.

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