Gabby’s Gift

Gabby’s Gift

Written by: Meaghan Taylor, Carley’s Angels Ambassador Coordinator

On May 12, Carley’s Angels Ambassador Gabrielle Nelson passed away after four battles with cancer, most recently Stage 4 Osteosarcoma.  You may remember Gabby from our Lift Them Up campaign back in March 2020. We were and will always be inspired by her fighter attitude, determination, courage, and love for always smiling. Gabby brought a unique personal experience to the Carley’s Angels community and Ambassador family and we are forever grateful that our paths crossed.

Gabrielle Nelson

Gabby first learned of Carley’s Angels through receiving a care package from a friend, Cindy Choi, filled with Carley’s Angels gear highlighting our message, ‘always smile’ . 

We wanted to create an initiative inspired by Gabby to honour her legacy as a cancer warrior and Carley’s Angels Ambassador. This initiative brings Gabby’s beginning with us full circle as we introduce Gabby’s Gift. Our way of creating a lasting and meaningful impact in her honour. A program that relates to her and is now embedded in the Ambassador program. 

Gabby’s Gift is an initiative focused on bringing smiles to cancer patients all over the world by sending them a Carley’s Angels care package, while keeping Gabby’s memory and spirit alive. Each care package is hand selected by our Carley’s Angels Ambassadors and filled with items from our store to help uplift each cancer warrior on their unique journey. Whether it is a Halo toque, Sunday Smiles Suits, Bubbly bracelet, the Always Smile book, or any other item, we hope these products bring smiles, joy, and comfort to fellow cancer warriors.

We are inspired to share Carley’s story with cancer fighters all over the world and hope it brings them smiles and support during the most unimaginable journey. To our cancer fighters, we see you, we hear you, we love you, and are here to support you.

Here are some of our Gabby’s Gift recipients so far:

Nalie – Stage 4 Breast cancer fighter

Tawyna – Stage 1 breast cancer fighter

Natasha – Stage 4 breast cancer fighter

This is just the beginning. Thank you to the Carley’s Angels community for the overwhelming support – we will continue sending Gabby’s Gift care packages to cancer warriors! If you are interested in supporting Gabby’s Gift, you can sponsor a full care package ($55) or an individual item for a care package (costs vary). Head to the Carley’s Angels store for more details. With your help we can make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer while honouring our Ambassador with wings, Gabby. 

Always smile.


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