Father’s Day

Today is the day to Celebrate Dad!

Father’s day is a day to celebrate your dad, for everything amazing that he is.

Today, we’d like to give a little extra love to all the Dad’s who are missing ones that called them “dad”. Our hearts go out to you. There is one very special dad in our life who knows this all too well. Every day he tries to live with Carley’s Motto in mind- “Always Smile”, and through reading these beautiful stories it’s quite possible she learned a part of “Alway Smile” from him. Today we share Carley’s own words.

**Excerpts directly from her blog. Some that aren’t even published in “Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets to Laughing Loving and Living”


“My New Normal”

Feb 28th 2013

My life has literally flipped upside down in the last month. I went from being the girl that was never up to date with TV series or the latest movies, to the girl waiting impatiently for the next episode. I know thats not me, but it will be for the next little while. This morning i woke up at 11, i think that is probably the latest i have ever slept in my entire life. I started to notice the last few days i have been sleeping in pretty late but 11:00am is just not ok. I actually woke up pretty irritable, i felt like i had wasted my whole morning. Its not like i really had much to do, but i wanted to get up and do something. Laying in bed all morning just didn’t feel right. I got up and went out for breakfast and a coffee with my dad. We got into my car and i started to drive, I was pretty excited because I haven’t driven in a while, but also because i got to spend one on one time with my dad. I have two other sister so in general its not common that we often get one on one time with either my mom or dad. So i considered myself pretty lucky. My dad tends to always make me feel better about everything, and throughout the last month he has always been the most positive. I know that inside he’s probably scared for me, but i would never know. He speaks about me with such confidence, and it just reassures me that i’m going to be okay.


“Chemo Day 3”

March 25th 2013

My hair has finally started to fall out so today my dad and i shaved our heads together! Love you so much daddy <3

“Almost 1 Year”

Feb 3rd 2014

I am very excited to reach the one year mark since I was diagnosed and celebrate not only for successfully making it to one year, but also to give my dad a REAL 50th Birthday. Even though he would never ask for it, I just want to thank him for being my rock this whole year. As many of you know i was diagnosed on my dads 50th Birthday, I think i gave him the worst 50th Birthday gift a dad could ask for last year, but I know this year is going to be all smiles for all of us. I know my dad is going to have a wonderful second 50th Birthday :).



Jan 22nd 2015

My dad tobi and I arrived in Florida and it’s been nothing but sunshine since!! The weather has been incredible and we have been on the beach since the moment we got off the plane! The moist salty air here has been amazing for me and my cough is getting much better! I still have a lack of appetite, and lots of pain in my arm but I know by the end of the weekend I will really start feeling good! Dad and I are going to a Daddy Daughter dinner, we are getting dressed up and i seriously can’t wait.


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