Dimes From Heaven

Since Carley gained her angel wings in 2015, her family, friends and Carley's Angels Community have found 1000 dimes from heaven. This month we decided to share some never before shared #DimesFromHeaven stories with you. Enjoy!


Where It All Started

Before we share some of the 1000 dime stories that have been collected over the last 9 years, we think it's important to share the person who has meticulously collected each dime, date, name, photo and story into books that we will cherish forever. That of course is Mark, Carley's dad. 


The Kiss and Cry Stamp of Approval 

This next dime story includes not one, not two but three dimes found in 3 days by Carley's Family and Director Sean Cisterna, at the very first film festival of Kiss and Cry. 


You Almost Can't Believe It

This is one of those "you almost can't believe it" dime stories courtesy of Carley's younger sister, Samantha Allison. There was no way our angel was missing an opportunity to thank her litter sister for helping put on one of the most iconic Carley's Angels events in history.


On the Ice

Well, this story starts in our collective favourite place, "the ice" Riley, Carley's older sister says in the instagram video reenactment of the dime story. Riley was a part of the U of T team that brought home the gold that year at OUA's, and after all the photos and the podium presentation were done something happened.


Cylce for Carley Dimes 

If we learned anything from this Dimes From Heaven series, it's that Carley is really there with us every step of the way! This dime story is from our first ever Carley's Angels Foundation event "Cycle for Carley", at the CF shops at Don Mills, on  September 2015.


James's Recurring Dime

A story to turn anyone into a #dimesfromheaven believer. This story was sent from James via email on Januray 8th 2016 to Mark Allison. "So I forgot to tell you about something that happened this week at PowerWatts..."


A March 31st Dime

We aren’t always lucky enough to find a dime on Cars day, but in 2022 we we’re, and we made sure to take her with us. It was March 31st and Carley's family were gathered together on Carley's day like always...



 A Just Move Dime

On March 2nd, 2024 our Retail Marketing coordinator couldn't believe what she found as she was on her way to the gym to participate in Just Move. Sometimes it's the smallest sign that reminds us, we are never truly alone!


Dimes When We Need Them Most

Our angels know when we need them most! Dimes have been following Meaghan, our Director of Marketing, for years and there is special memory, location and meaning attached to every single dime found. We will never understand why or how, but our angels know when to pop in and say hi!


Signs from the Universe 

"I never believed in signs from the universe...until Carley started leaving us dimes! For me, whenever I find a dime it always seems to happen on a momentum day. Thank you Car, for reassuring me that I'm on the right path and that you're up there cheering us all on" said Katherine, our Director of Innovation and Carley's childhood friend.


Have you found a dime in a moment when you need it most? Share your stories and photos with us at info@carleyangels.ca or DM us on Instagram or Facebook at @carleysangels

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