Cycle Tune-Up Recap

Thank you to our participants, spectators, honouray riders, volunteers and of course The 11 Inc. for making yesterdays Cycle for Carley’s Angels Winter Tune-Up such a HUGE success!

Congratulations to “Holly de Jonge” and “Damon Williams” our fastest female and male cyclists respectively, who walked away with a full outfit (valued at $350) from Lululemon!

Thanks to each and every person involved we crushed our goal and raised over $3000! Thank you for helping us as we work to unite traditional and holistic cancer care in hospitals!

Top 8 Results Below!

2:06.78 – Damon Williams
2:18.06 – Doug Smith
2:31.00 – George Wright
2:38.09 – Joe Grignano
2:41.23 – Steven Colomby
2:43.14 – Giuseppe Papia
2.48.08 – Frank Ciccolini
2.55.51 – Dan Allison
3.00.24 – Freddy Enriquez

2:28.84- Holly deJonge
2:36.25 – Stevi Williams
2:47.72 – Orianna Catenazzi
3:01.18 – Alessandra Papia
3:02.34 – Nicole Pirie
3:06.77 – Amanda Lee
3:06.91 – Katharine Tsiofas
3:08.41 – Caitlyn Tindale

Thank you once again to the sponsors, The 11 Inc, Lululemon and Modern AV Design. Keep your eyes out for early registration for the Summer Cycle for Carley’s Angels coming up on August 20th!

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