4 Ways to Support Your Loved Ones Battling Cancer During COVID19

Good Morning Carley’s Angels Family,

We have been closely watching as the world responds to COVID 19. What hasn’t been discussed by the media is what COVID-19 means for Cancer Patients and the people that love and support them.

As many of you may know, when you are battling cancer you join the immunosuppressed population. In short, your immune system is busy fighting cancer and all that entails, therefore, making you more susceptible to things like the common cold, the flu or in this case COVID-19. We also know that cancer patients have better outcomes when they are mentally and emotionally supported. 

So how do we support our loved ones fighting cancer while taking extra precaution to reduce their risk of COVID-19? Check out this list the Carley’s Angels team has put together: 

     1. Support from afar 

We have lots of experience in this space! While Carley was in the hospital she had so many people who wanted to visit her and there was simply not enough time in the day. So we became experts in suggesting to friends and family how to support from afar! Here are just some of the many meaningful, supportive and safe things you can do for your loved one battling cancer.

For Patients in Hospital 

  • Send them an e-book! If they have Kindle or Audible it’s super easy. If they don’t give them an introductory subscription to one of these services. They start at about $15 for the first 3 months!
  • Send them an inspirational quote, via text, email or print it off and mail it so they can hang it on their wall!

  • FaceTime or Facebook Messager Video calls are your best friend!
  • Send them a list of your favourite Netflix shows and watch them together virtually! Google Chome now has an extenstion called Netflix Party where you and your loved one can watch together virtually, you can even pause the show and virtural chat during!

For Patients at Home

  • All of the above still apply  
  • Offer to grocery shop for them 
  • Offer to pick up prescriptions or any other needs from the pharmacy 
  • If you have kids this one is a must! Make a poster board for them and leave it on their doorstep!

     2. Make sure YOU are healthy 

Whether you plan on visiting your loved one who is battling cancer or not, you should take extra care to properly wash your hands and avoid touching your face. You will also give your loved one battling cancer peace of mind knowing that you are healthy and safe contributing to their wellness.

     3. Check updated protocols of their hospital

In the wake of COVID-19 many hospitals are limiting visitors. Make sure you go online or call to find out what precautions your local hospital has in place during COVID-19. Ex// SickKids

     4. When in doubt, don’t visit

COVID-19 or not, any flu or cold will be dangerous for someone with cancer. If you think you could be sick or have come in contact with anyone who is sick, please stay home. 

Now its time to put it into action! Tag is in your photos (@carleysangels), or email them to us info@carleysangels.ca of how you are supporting your cancer paitent duirng this very difficult time! We can’t wait to share your photos and see how you are making us proud!

To learn more, shop, or donate to Carley’s Angels visit www.carleysangels.ca 
Your support means the world to us!

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