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If you follow us, then you know Dimes from Heaven has become a huge part of our community engagement. We asked our Carley’s Angels fam to send in their dime stories and they did just that! Check our collection of incredible community found dime!

Kat Tsiofas

As a close friend of Carley’s, I am no stranger to finding dimes. For the past eight years, finding a dime has always put a smile on my face and has given me the sense that I’m in the right place at the right time. I recently joined the Carley’s Angels executive team and Just Move was my first big event as a member of the team. On the day of the event, I was working behind the scenes to help live stream one of our movement sessions. When I arrived at the gym for the session, the instructor pointed at a table where I could prop my phone up to live stream the class. Sitting right in the middle of the table is nothing else but a single dime. Of all the dimes I’ve found over the years, this one surprised me the most in the best way possible. It truly felt like Car’s way of welcoming me to the Carley’s Angels team. I’ve never felt more like I was in the right place at the right time.

Rebecca Harber

I recently had to get a “new to me” car after going through a tough time and having my car not be driveable to add to the list. I found a car and the first thing on the floor was a dime! Thanks Car for the constant reminders.


Victoria Lee

Before Carley’s Angels, I never knew what Dimes from Heaven meant. Since working here I’ve gotten to understand the significance of finding one. Recently I was cleaning out my makeup basket and I had found an eyeshadow palette that I had for 4 months but never used. I opened the palette to look inside and I noticed a dime was sticking to one of the colours. This was my first dimes from heaven experience and I was so touched I couldn’t wait to share it!

Elizabeth Talbot

Getting ready to go to a Christmas market and am getting ready with Erin (Carley’s Cousin) on FaceTime. I put on my Carley hat and then my coat and did the classic “what is in my pockets from last winter” check. Nothing was in either pocket except for this…

Zoe Bundas

Zoe volunteers with Carley’s Angels in her spare time. In her full time life she works as a Psychotherapist supporting patients mental health. Earlier this week she walked into work and switched her shoes.. And there we have it, inside her shoe was a dime.





Emmy Risen

Although Emmy is only 3 she has been involved in Carley’s Angels since birth! Her mama was one of the planners of the Toronto Kiss & Cry Premiere as well as a very involved member on the Carley’s Angels team! Emmy recently posed in a photoshoot for Charley’s Angels and shortly after found her very first dime! Although Emmy is too young for the Dimes from Heaven concept she had recently gotten a piggy bank so the dime was just as exciting to her!





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