Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 1st marks the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. As everyone who has been touched by cancer surely knows, a cancer diagnosis is devastating, scary and truly uncertain. Further, when a child is diagnosed with Cancer the entire family feels the weight of that word. 

In honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we are sharing reviews of Carley’s Incredible Story “Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets, to Laughing Loving and Living” to help shed light on the incredible, inspiring, and heartbreaking narrative and that comes with a childhood cancer diagnosis. This story is filled with love, hope and, family and we want nothing more than her story to reach as many eyes as possible, and for the proceeds to affect as many lives as possible. 

For all of September, we are offering “Always Smile” at a discounted cost of $15 and the remainder of the website at 15% off using code (kidsgetcancertoo). Help us spread Carley’s Story far and wide by giving and gifting “Always Smile” and help us work to unite traditional and holistic cancer care in hospitals all at the same time. 

Enjoy the following reviews of “Always Smile” from individuals all over the world who have been inspired by her story! If you have a review to leave please click here!


Kathy McGrath

This book is a compelling read about an extraordinary young woman faced with a life-altering illness. Seventeen-year-old Carley Allison was already an accomplished singer, performer and athlete when cancer threw a wrench in her dreams. But, as this book clearly illustrates, Carley was not about to let her illness break her spirit. As a result of her medical experiences she became a writer, inspiring others to embrace life to the fullest for as long as possible. Sections of the book written by family and friends prove that when you leave a legacy of love and compassion on this world, your spirit lives on indefinitely. 



The most inspiring book I have ever read. It is incredibly touching to read a book about Carley that includes her voice and the voices of those who loved her. I could not put this book down, and certain passages stuck with me throughout my day. Carley’s story is HOPE, LOVE and FIGHT – all with a smile on your face. 

100% recommend this novel


Amanda Sanders 

The author of this biography did a great job of combining blogs, texts, letters, pictures and stories from friends and family to tell the life of Carley Allison. Carley is diagnosed with a rare cancer in high school and there is no surprise ending. That makes it difficult to read at times. If you like the book, you can go to YouTube and listen to Carley after you finish it.



Beautifully written book about the very strong, courageous Carley Allison. I watched Kiss and Cry and follow Carley’s Angels but this book gave me a more in-depth look into what Carley’s fight against cancer was really like. It further highlighted how strong Carley was and how she always thought she would beat cancer as many times as it came back. I would tear up one second and then smile the next while reading this book.



Carley Allison’s inspiring battle with cancer is documented in this fascinating book. Award-winning figure skater Carley’s world did a backflip when she was diagnosed with a cancer that only affects 1 in 3.5 BILLION people. Most people would be bitter about putting their life’s plans on hold, but Carley just continues living her motto: always smile. The girl who was always smiling inspired thousands with her singing voice and courage. This is her story.


Andrea Tome

A gorgeously edited, beautifully awe-inspiring book.

I knew I would like it beforehand because I had seen the movie Kiss & Cry and had previously been inspired by Carley’s story and all the work the Carley’s Angels are doing, but I had no idea I would adore it this much. I couldn’t put it down! I read it on my way to the office and on my way to the ice rink I train at and I kept thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. 

Everyone should give Carley’s story a chance 


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