49 Days on Foot

Every single day we open our inbox, Facebook messages and Instagram DM’sto breathtaking and tear-jerking stories about how Carley, her story and her motto “always smile” has changed someone’s life.

Today we share a story of one young woman’s determination to raise awareness and funds for young adults facing cancer, ignited, of course by Carley.

“My name is Cassidy Dunn and I am a sophomore in college. I recently learned about the huge impact that cancer has on young adults through Ulman Foundation and I wanted to be able to do something to make a difference. So, I decided in the summer of 2020 I will run across the country to not only raise money but raise awareness for an age that is often forgotten about when it comes to cancer. After learning about Carley’s story, I knew I wanted to dedicate a day specifically to her.

I was continuing to learn more about cancer and how I can help raise awareness so when I came across Kiss and Cry, I had to watch it. Honestly, the movie brought me to tears. Carley had so much impact on people during her life and it made me so happy to see all that she accomplished. After seeing Carley’s movie through a story, I felt like I could understand even more. Cancer comes when it is least expected and changes plans around drastically. Carley’s story has made me more passionate to raise awareness and money for young adults with cancer. She allowed me to feel a deeper connection through her story and feel it as if I knew her. She is the perfect example of why I want to run across the country.

Like Carley, I personally always try to make others happy and smile and seeing that she was able to do that while battling this terrible disease was inspiring to me. Even with everything she had been through, she was able to make others smile. I love the saying “Always Smile.” Personally, I feel like smiling is so important. It can change not only your mood but the moods of everyone you run into. Smiling can help someone see the positive outlook on life and the positive things in certain situations. I feel like I live that in my day to day life and my Always Smile Ring is a constant reminder that even when it’s hard there is always something to smile about.

Before deciding to run across America, I started a blog called Pieces of Happiness (www.piecesofhappiness.weebly.com). The sole purpose of my blog is to make people happy; something that reminds me of Carley. Right now, I am using my blog to spread awareness of cancer with young adults and as a way to share my journey across America.  I just finished my first week of training for next summer and running with a purpose makes it much more enjoyable. For 49 days next summer as part of a team from across the United States, I will set foot to raise awareness and money for young adults with cancer.

I plan to dedicate a day during my run to Carley. On Carley’s day, I will write her name on my leg, share her story and think about all she accomplished. I’m so excited to share that day with you next summer!! If you would like to follow along on my run more closely please follow my blog and my Instagram (pieces.of.happiness) for updates. Thank you Carley, for helping me realize that I needed to do this and fight against young adult cancer!” – Cassidy Dunn

Thank you, Cassidy, for taking Carley’s words so literally and putting them into action, its stories like yours that truly highlight the immense impact Carley has. We can’t wait to follow along!


We love how people from all over the world are inspired to do amazing things because of our angel! Do you have a story that you want to share? If you have your own story to share please submit it HERE. And yours might be the next one featured!

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