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“always smile” is where it all started.

When Carley was diagnosed with a 1 in 3.5 billion kind of cancer and no one quite knew how to treat her, she chose to smile, always. Carley started a blog called “always smile” where she shared every intimate detail, good or bad, of her Cancer journey. Through this, she quickly became an advocate and hero for all those facing adversity, and well as we are sure you know, the rest is history.

Last week we shared statistics about where the funds raised at Carley’s Angels go… This week we want to talk about the other part of our mission here at Carley’s Angels, spreading Carley’s Message of “always smile”.

How do we do this you ask? Through a variety of social initiatives, a spectacular book, a feature film, a share your story blog, our online store and programs like our “Always Smile Award”.. just to name a few.

We believe Carley’s message of hope, courage, determination, and positivity is one that should be spread and shared. It’s a simple and inspirational message that is not restricted to the cancer floor. “always smile” is a universal message that we believe the world needs now more than ever. So, thank you to every single person who has made a contribution to Carley’s Angels in helping us share Carley’s message and story. And as we know all too well, you just have to share Carely’s story for the recipient to feel inspired enough to share it thereafter.

Learn more about our various “always amile” and related initiatives below..

“Always Smile” by Carley’s Angels
Our retail store filled with jewellery and clothing stamped, engraved and embossed with the words “always smile”. Giving the wearer a constant but subtle reminder that there is always a reason to smile.

“Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets to Laughing Loving and Living” 
Carley’s story shared in a novel through her blog posts from her own blog “always smile” and friends’ and families’ personal accounts.

Kiss and Cry 
A beautiful and heartwrenching feature film based on Carley’s Story. Available on Netflix.

The “Always Smile Award”
Our first figure skating specific initiative that awards one young skater per skating club per year who has demonstrated bravery with a touch of grace when faced with a challenge or adversity.

Share Your Story
A forum where we collect stories from all over the world about individuals who have been touched by Carley’s story and/or message of “always smile”.

And many many more ways we spread “always smile” on social media, at holiday markets, Carley’s Angel’s events, etc. Stay up to date on all things “always smile” and Carley’s Angels by signing up for our newsletter here. 

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  1. I’ve watched the movie Kiss&Cry like 4 times and my birthday just passed and I bought the book

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