A Year to Remember

2019, our year of firsts and all time bests. 

Thank you to each and every member of our Carley’s Angels Family, you have helped make 2019 a year we will never forget. From our first Carley’s Angels funded program at SickKids to the release of Carley’s Book to our Most successful Cycle for Carley’s Angels ever and as we are sure you have all the successes along the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Easily our most impactful year yet of Carley’s Angels, and we promise it’s just the beginning. 

January 15th 

Carley’s Angels launched the first-of-its-kind Holistic Cancer Care initiative at the one and only SickKids. The Carley’s Angels Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship. Contributing $150,000 to SickKids over 2 years. 

Learn More Here – https://carleysangels.ca/psychosocial-oncology/


January 30th 

Carley’s Angels created the “Always Smile Lives On” Blog sharing original blogs from Carley’s Angels team members and Carley’s Angels followers. On January the 30th the Innaural blog was launched in honour of “Bell Let’s Talk Day” written by pediatric cancer survivor Amanda Kauffman 

Read Here https://carleysangels.ca/bell-lets-talk/


February 10th 

Carley’s Angels Hosted the most successful Cycle for Carley’s Angels Tune up to date! Thanks to our amazing Carley’s Angels Community and our partners The 11 Inc.

Full Event Recap Here https://carleysangels.ca/cycle-tune-up-recap/


February 27th 

Carley’s Angels Awarded the first official “Always Smile Award” to a deserving young skater of the North Toronto Skating Club, Emese Elkind. 

Read On Here https://carleysangels.ca/the-always-smile-award/ 


March – 25th

Carley’s Angels announced, recruited and accepted successful applications for the first ever Carley’s Angels Ambassador Program. Meet our ambassadors on our instagram highlight “Carley’s Angels Ambassadors”

Highlight Can Be Found Here https://www.instagram.com/carleysangels/


April – 9th 

The Carley’s Angels team behind the Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship launch presented the $150,000 cheque to SickKids in support of the Carley’s Angels Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship.

Full Post Here https://www.instagram.com/p/BwC4xAzg0A5/


April – 18th 

Carley’s Angels hosted one of the most siccesfull Carley’s Angels events in History. The Carley’s Angels Book Launch, celebrating the early release of Carley’s Book “Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets to Laughing, Loving and Living” 

Learn More Here https://carleysangels.ca/book-launch-recapped/


May – 7th 

Carley’s Book “Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets to Laughing, Loving and Living” was officially released Available in Indigo Stores and online at www.Amazon.com and www.carleysangels.ca. Author Alice Kuipers and Carley’s Angels Executive Director Riley Allison were interviewed on “The Morning Show” to Celebrate the Launch.


May – 23rd

Carley’s Angels Executive Director Riley Allison had the privilege of sitting down and discussing the future of Holistic Cancer Care with SickKids CEO Ted Garrard

Post Here https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx0mj2Ug0Uj/


June – 7th & 8th 

Your Carley’s Angels set out once again to support The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, with the goal of curing cancer in our lifetime. This year your Carley’s Angels raised over $110,000 making the 5 year total reach over $600,000.

Full Event Recap https://carleysangels.ca/rtcc-recapped/


June – 18th

Carley’s Angels Launched the First International Online Fundraising Event with FundDuel and Kiss and Cry stars, Sarah Fisher and Luke Bilyk.

FundDuel Event Page https://fundduel.com/index.php/duel/169


July 18th 

Carley’s Birthday Marked the End of the Carley’s Angels FundDuel, the first Carley’s Angels  international Online Fundraising Event. And the launch of jewellery piece “Shorty” which quickey became our Carley’s Angels best seller. 



July – 30th

Carley’s Angels collaborated with Holistic Health Practitioners, Pathway Therapy and Holistic Lu, to bring Holistic Cancer Care Blogs to our “Always Smile Lives On” blog.  

Holistic Lu https://carleysangels.ca/holistic-lu/

Pathway Therapy – https://carleysangels.ca/mental-health-and-cancer/


August 5th 

Carley’s Angels Supporter and winner of the Cycle for Carley Winter Tune Up $800 Gift Card, Allison Posen, traded her gift cards for 2 bikes for two very deserving pediatric cancer patients at SickKids.

Full Article Here https://carleysangels.ca/something-better/


August 20th 

Carley’s Angels hosted the first ever Carley’s Angels Holistic Market. And the most successful Cycle for Carley in history! 

Read Event Recap Here https://carleysangels.ca/2019-cycle-recap/


September 1st 

In Honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Carley’s Angels collaborated with wellness provider “Hoame Meditation Studio” for a giveaway of 2 Montly Meditation Passes. Carley’


September 17th 

We had the privilege of sitting down with the Carely’s Angels Psychosocial Oncology Fellow, Shwana, to hear about all that she has accomplished in her first year! And let us tell you, we were blown away! 

Post Here https://www.instagram.com/p/B2zQg7bg54w/


October 4th

Our Historic 2019 Cycle for Carley’s Angels + Holistic Market made the front page of the North York Snapd. 

Full Article Here https://northtoronto.snapd.com/events/view/1278949


October 21st

Carley’s Angels partnered with the Figure Skating Fitness Magazine to give you the article “Hero On Skates”. The article was so successful it marked the beginning of a permanent placement for a Carley’s Angels written article within the magazine! 

Article Here https://carleysangels.ca/hero-on-skates/


November 29th 

Carley’s Angels had the most successful Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend in History! 


December 23rd

Carley’s Angels Psychosocial Oncology Fellow, Shawna, gave us a sneak peek of the supports now available over the holidays to cancer patients and their families thanks to the contribution from Carley’s Angels! 

Full Article Here https://carleysangels.ca/hospital-over-the-holidays/


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