28 Words for Carley


This month we celebrated Carley Elle Allison by sharing words that are used to describe Carley, her legacy and her impact. By the end of the month 28 words were shared by Carley's friends, family, community members and champions in her legacy. Take a look at some of the incredible words that were used.



That’s the word Carley's youngest sister used to describe her big sister.Growing up I used to spend a lot of time at the figure skating rink watching Riley and Carley skate. Watching how fearless you need to be to go up in the air and do 2 or 3 rotations to come down and land on one foot. But she never thought twice about it and just did it. - Samantha Allison


Not something a big sister usually says about their little sister. At every obstacle, Carley tackled things head on with such grace, long before she was diagnosed with cancer she was, and still is, my idol. - Riley Allison


In Carley's world, trust was everything. So if she deemed you trustworthy then her loyalty to you had no limits. She was a loyal friend, partner, sister and daughter. You could always count on Carley. -May Allison


She was a fierce competitor who never backed down to a challenge. She always put herself out there to compete, whether it was athletic or artistic. -Mark Allison 


Car had the sparkliest personality - she had the kind of magnetism that made her energy known as soon as she walked into a room; it drew people into her orbit.
But, it was her heart that truly made her special - her sparkle endeared people to her, but the way she loved BIG and true made her one of a kind! -Lydnsay Reddick


One of my favourite things about Car was that she was so full of life, ready to tell it like it was, make you laugh or throw out a little sass. She always had a spunk and fieriness about her that I loved!- Jennifer Mady


Carley was never afraid to speak her mind, do what she wanted, and stand up for others. She definitely knew how to live life to the fullest. She is, and always has been a great role model for so many. -Aria Alizadeh


Carley was equally talented at sneaking in a cheeky comment while making you burst out loud laughing at the same time: a unique quality!-James Allison


Carley was full of life. Regardless of what she was doing, whether it was practicing one of her many talents or spending time with loved ones, she was always enjoying the moment to the fullest extent.-Katherine Tsiofas 



Carley had power to spare when facing challenges, fighting cancer was no different. She met the challenge head on and didn't waver. 1 in 3.5 billion case was no problem, she would give it all and still have effort left to take on more, like singing the national anthem at the Ride to Conquer Cancer and, of course, the Toronto Maple Leafs Game, twice. Carley was someone to have on your side no matter the obstacle because you would always get someone ready to give it her all. - Ben Allison  


To be bubbly means to have a bright and cheerful personality. Having seen Carley grow and sharing time with her over family gatherings, she always brought a sense of fun, laughter and cheer to the group. This was a different side than the competitor edge she had. When in a relaxed setting amongst the people she loved she enjoyed good laughs and played along with the many jokes. Happy, playful, bubbly. - Jessica Sado


Carley exemplified unwavering resolve in every aspect of her life, whether it was academics, sports, or pursuing her goals. Her focus and determination were truly remarkable.However,her incredible strength shone brightest when she faced the daunting challenge of a cancer diagnosis. Despite receiving troubling news on multiple occasions, Carley's response remained steadfast: "I am in control, and I will overcome this." Carley's resilience and unyielding spirit and resolve serves as an inspiration to us all. -Dan Allison


Obviously because of the movie connection with Kiss and Cry, but her story was just so big, bold, dramatic, heartfelt and inspiring - all those great and tragic things that make for the stuff of legends. -Sean Cisterna


Carley was transcendent because of her impact across space and time. -Chantal Kreviazuk


Carley’s remarkable resilience touched the hearts of everyone as she fearlessly confronted a rare form of cancer, all while she continued to pursue her love for singing and inspiring countless others with her strength and unwavering spirit throughout her journey -Julia Tomasone


Carley was bright in many ways. An intelligent woman, with a bright future and a ray of sunshine personality. Her presence was smiley, happy, soothing, and adventurous. One of my favourite lyrics is, "You reminded me of brighter days" - in the song Picture by Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock. Carley is those bright days and she will always be a bright light in so many people's lives, including mine. -Monica Healy


Carley continues to have a presence in all of our lives and inspires us with her words. She saw the best in all of us. She saw us for who we want to be and believed that we were already that person with her whole heart. And of course, anyone that tried to put a limit on Carley was proven wrong. -Sydney Valentino.


Carley Eille was just amazing inspirational artist that loved to create new music. She loved everyone. I watched the movie Kiss and Cry and her story touched me so much. Through her cancer journey she was a very strong and powerful women. I know Carley wanted to achieve everything in her life including ice skating, and she did! -Susy Rojas


Carley was adamant about always smiling and having a positive outlook on her cancer journey, no matter the circumstances. She also put herself out into the universe to share her unique journey with others: sharing her love for skating, singing, family, friends, her pup Tobi and life. When she said “my life is not a tragedy”, she ensured it wasn’t. -Kathleen Trebilcocok


Carley defied the odds, tackled every twist and turn with grace, and reminded us that despite what life throws at you, that we are all human. Be humble, be kind, be positive, and most of all, be you. That's what Carley taught us and we will always continue to put the human-touch in our mission, in our community, and in integrative cancer care. Just as Carley would. -Meaghan Taylor


Because that’s what she was to me, and how she is remembered by so many others. True friends leave long legacies. -Amy Griffith


I believe Carley always knew had a bigger purpose in life. Through her journey, she inspired a lot of people and a lot of change. Carley’s Angels is here today because of Carley’s world-changing spirit. -Victoria Lee


My word for Carley would be “sparkling”because Carley and the life she lived are a point of light and inspiration for everyone who faces adversity. -Dr. Gary Rodin


Carley was so wonderfully passionate about her family, friends, skating, singing, school, creativity and life! - Paul Alofs


I always thought of Carley as the unofficial spokesperson for those facing adversity. She empowered so many people around the world with her strength, courage and determination to face their life issues. You need not look further than her social media and blogs to understand the profound impact she had on so many, worldwide.
-Michael Nadel


As a younger skater, Carley was the perfect role model for having a strong work ethic. Skating is a sport that requires hours of dedication and hard work, and Carley exemplified these traits. As a friend of Sammy’s I would see Carley outside of practice, and soon learnt that this dedication did not stop when practice ended. It was something that she carried into all areas of her life. -Elizabeth Talbot


I’ll never forget meeting Car on the ice when we were just kids. A tiny bundle of energy, she introduced herself to me with a big smile and told me she was going to land her very first axel jump that year. I remember watching her fly across the ice and thinking: there is nothing that girl can’t do.

That feeling never went away. Car and I grew up together, both on and off the ice, and the fire I first saw in that little girl only grew with time. When Car set her mind to something, there was nothing she couldn’t do. When she got knocked down, she immediately got right back up. She was unstoppable. -Samantha Boyton


It will come as no surprise that Inspiring was the most submitted word this month. Carley's shared experience inspired a community to make a change. To this day she inspires hope, resilience and determination in everyone who continues to be touched by her story.- Carley's Angels

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