27 Reasons We Celebrate

Today, would have been Carley’s 27th Birthday.

So, here are 27 reasons why we’re celebrating, written by the Carley’s Angels community.

Earlier this week we asked you to help us. We asked you to share with us how Carley’s Story and her legacy have inspired you. We compiled your top 27 answers below.

Carley would be so honoured to know how many lives she has profoundly impacted.

  1. Her mentality to find the little things that make life worth living
  2. The way she was able to stay positive among chaos reminds me to do the same
  3. Her stunning voice
  4. She’s the one and only Carley Elle Allison
  5. She taught me to always smile
  6. she taught me not matter how big the problem is even if its not in your control just try and give it all you’ve got
  7. To fight even when it’s very hard
  8. Because of her I won’t give up, I will always fight
  9. She had the purest soul
  10. She never, ever, ever gave up
  11. Car chose to see the light and love that surrounded her, she inspires me to always smile
  12. Her contagious positive attitude through everything
  13. She taught me to never give up
  14. She always saw the best in people and live and was happy even though she was sick
  15. Carley inspires me to believe that I can defy odds
  16. To always keep so mining even when thoughts aren’t always great or going right
  17. To try and find one reason a day to smile no matter how small
  18. To always stay true to your passions
  19. She taught me that music is healing
  20. She makes me braver and stronger
  21. Even though I don’t have cancer, her story taught me I can over come my own challenges with a smile
  22. Carley was such a positive light, her story should be known by all
  23. Her impact has made me take advantage of each day I have, living fuller than I ever have before
  24. If she can do all that while battling cancer, I can overcome my personal challenges too
  25. She’s encouraged me to take a chance on love
  26. I skate thinking of Carley and the joy she had on the ice
  27. She gave me the words I live by – Always, always find a reason to smile

So celebrate her today and honour her legacy by sharing her story, shopping her birthday bash or sending in your donation to better the lives of cancer patients.

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